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Glasgow Tigers
Anniversary Dinner

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The Tigers Turn Twenty

This year Glasgow Uni will be celebrating twenty years of gridiron, first as the Grizzlies and then as the Tigers we know and love today. To mark this occasion, it is proposed that a dinner be held so we can all eat, drink, be merry and most probably drink some more whilst recounting old football stories.
The initial proposal is for this dinner to take place at a hotel somewhere in Glasgow in April 2006. This may seem a long may off but time flies when you're trying to organise events!
For now, a 'decision in principle' from as many guys as possible would be appreciated as naturally we need to get some idea of the number of interested parties before we go further. If you are interested, please drop an email to:
This will be in no way binding  we just need to get a handle on the level of interest. Please pass this on by word of mouth, letter, email or smoke signal to any old Tigers (or Grizzlies) you may be in touch with.
Hope to see you all there.